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Our products

We have entire range of products which fit in to any kind of cuisines in food services and hospitality industries. Our products basically fall into below categories.

  • Frozen Products range
  • Chilled Products range
  • Ambient Product range
Frozen Products Range

Gulfwest Co Ltd has been in the forefront of frozen food business since its founding. Our range of Frozen Foods outsourced from across the globe, consists of over 500 products, from seafood, Poultry, Meat, Potato products etc. Our frozen foods range consists of wide variety providing our customer advantage and edge to formulate their menus and needs. You can view our extensive Frozen Foods range in our Product brochure.

french fries
jalapeno appetizers
frozen onion rings
frozen tortilla and guacamole
frozen lobster
lobster tail
cod fillet
salmon portions
Pre-sliced Salmon
hot peppered salmon'
Greenlip Mussels
Lemon Meringue
Chocolate Stairway to Heaven
Chilled Products range

Our range of chilled foods include Chilled meat, a comprehensive range of cheese, Butter, Charcuterie products, Creams etc. Our products are carefully selected by our team of buyers to ensure our customers get outstanding quality products. You can view our extensive Chilled Foods range in our Product brochure.

Duck Pâté
poutry charcuterie
Soft Cheeses
gorgonzola cheese
Swiss Gruyere Cheese
Paladin Blue Cheese
Grand' OR Edam Ball Cheese
Grand' OR Gouda Cheese
Italian Style Mazzarella
Mild Cheddar Cheese
salmon portions
sashimi grade salmon
Marinated Salmon
fresh tuna
Ambient Product range

Our Ambient Food Range consists of outstanding and extensive range of products, that include leading brands like Dorset Break Fast cereals, Fox biscuits, Dececco pasta range, Ronnefeldt Tea, condiments, preserves from Tiptree, and Haco etc.
Our inventory of hundreds of varied products in Ambient Food Range, enables our customers to procure complete range of foods from one source, without the need of outsourcing their needs from elsewhere. Please “click here for our Product Catalogue”.

Dry Pastas from Italy
dececco tagliatelli
canadian Wild Rice
Soya Sauce
Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce
miso paste
gari soga (sushi ginger)
Yutaka Wasabi Powder
RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce
haco classic demi glace
Drops of Truffle
Dececco Extra Virgin Olive oil
tiptree ketchup 3
tiptree blackcurrant
chocolatey caramel biscuit
ronnefeldt loose tea
ronnefeldt tea caddy
ronnefeldt leafcup